Glen Huon Hall


Project description:

Glen Huon Community Hall, Glen Huon

 CDC Development won the tender for the refurbishment of Glen Huon Hall together with the demolition and reconstruction of the adjoining public toilet in a competitive tender let by Huon Valley Council in April 2013.  The cost of the redevelopment was less than $300k.

The project was primarily focused on the refurbishment of the building exterior, including a new roof and the removal and replacement of existing vinyl weatherboards with materials in keeping with the style of the original building.

Prior to the re cladding of the exterior, it was necessary to re-brace and straighten both walls and rooflines with compliant materials.  The hall was braced by means of tensioned stainless wires. The roof had new rafters and battens installed and the external walls had new studs affixed to ‘straighten’ the walls prior to insulation being placed and new weatherboards fitted.

Internally, the main hall was quarantined to maintain the polished boards and ‘original’ feel of the hall.  The floor and walls were protected whilst the lighting was upgraded and additional heating installed.  The ‘tea room’ add on was re roofed to rectify a severely leaking roof and re-lined, again the timber floors required protection whilst works were undertaken.

The access and egress was brought in line with current building codes, including ramps and exits made to comply with AS1428 (Disabled access)

The stormwater system was replaced and additional drainage installed to facilitate the longevity of the structure and its surroundings.

The public toilet block, attached as a lean to the original hall was demolished and rebuilt, using external materials in keeping with the original building.  Again the facilities were constructed to comply with modern day standards and built for long term low maintenance.

The project was subject to close scrutiny by The Glen Huon Hall Committee and CDC worked in close cooperation with The Huon Valley Council to achieve an outcome exceeding the expectations of stakeholders.

Despite the protracted inclement weather, CDC achieved an outcome we as a Company are very proud of.  The Glen Huon Hall is a well presented and functional public space which has a new lease of life as a central focus for the Glen Huon Community.