Howrah Kindergarten

Project description:

Howrah Primary School Kindergarten

 This project, proposed in two stages was both new construction and refurbishment of the existing kindergarten.  It was envisaged the project would be undertaken whilst part of the kindergarten remained open and active.  The project, started in July of 2014 involved the construction of new classrooms and facilities covering an area of 370m2 the refurbishment of existing classrooms and facilities (245m2) extensive external landscaping to accommodate young children and approximately 1000m2 carparking area for the temporary accommodation of student’s parents for drop off and pick up.  The value of the project exceeded $1.3m

Together with Liminal Architecture, CDC Development began the construction of the new facilities, with an audience of kindergarten children on the other side of the safety barrier.  The three floor levels of the new building and connecting ramps required precise measurements to ensure the connection to the original building complied with access requirements.  The large classroom areas and vaulted ceilings of perforated plasterboard made for interesting learning spaces.  The addition of large skylights resulted in light and airy spaces.  Double glazed windows and well insulated walls and ceilings stabilised internal temperatures and reduced the need for intensive heating or cooling of the spaces when occupied.

The sawtooth shape of the building was further enhanced by the integrated and landscaped play area, complete with active water pumps and artificial creeks.  The covered external spaces formed part of the attractive design of the building and allowed external play during wet days or protection from the intense summer sun.  Access by parents and students was via and adjacent carpark with facilities for more than 100 additional vehicles, designed to facilitate the existing carparking spaces.  The new and redesigned carpark enhanced the safety first mentality required when small children are involved.

The refurbishment of the existing classrooms and facilities, designed to ‘open up’ the spaces, has been applauded as a great success.  The building structure remained substantially intact whilst the window areas were substantially increased.  The introduction of double glazing and additional insulation to the roof spaces make the new spaces comfortable and conducive to their design function.

The project is one we as a company are very proud of.  The relationship with both architect and client was one of cooperation and shared belief in the success of the project.  Feedback from kindergarten teachers and student’s parents was positive and flattering.

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